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Center for Inquiry: How Does Religion Benefit from Science and Secularism?

At "Science Peers into the Future," Center for Inquiry explored trends in everything from artificial intelligence to nanoscale drug delivery systems.

Short Science: A Humanoid Robot with Hyper-Realistic Movements

I always love hyper-realistic robots and PETMAN (video above) recently caught my attention. His job is to test out chemical protection suits and their ability to seal-out dangerous contaminates. He definitely takes the strain off of human testers, as the video above shows, but if you met this chem-suit and gas-mask wearing robot on

How Google’s Artificial Intelligence Killed Plato

My newest post, “How Google’s Artificial Intelligence Killed Plato,” is up at The Huffington Post technology section. In this I look at one possible outcome of Google’s new leap in AI for philosophy and religion. And in all honesty, I’m just geeking out.
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