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The Scopes Monkey Trial Revived at Bryan College

It's a story making its way around the internet at the moment, Bryan College of Dayton, Tennessee is returning to its fundamentalist roots and obligating professors to sign a creationist statement.

Where Creationism Goes Wrong

If you’re not a creationist, the temptation might be to finish the title of this post with “on everything.” So go ahead. Say it aloud and you’ll probably feel better. In my recent article, “‘There is a book,’ but Ken Ham has no idea how to read it,” at Toledo Faith & Values (our

Answers in Geocentrism: The Movie

With the announcement that Bill Nye will be debating Answers in Genesis’s Ken Ham next month (February 4), reactions have been very strong. Those (Christian and the non-religious alike) who are not creationists appear to agree with the idea that it is a mistake that will only raise the street cred of AiG and

Quoted: Upton Sinclair on Willful Ignorance

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” ~ Upton Sinclair.

3 for Thursday: 3 Reasons the Talking Serpent in Genesis is Not Real

It might be safe to say that the clever talking serpent in Genesis 3 is a character familiar to most people. (Less people probably know that there is a talking donkey as well in Numbers 22.) The serpent is an interesting character known for deceiving Eve and leading humanity into a fall into sin

Can Aronofsky’s “Noah” Be Epic?

This week I have a piece on Aronofsky’s upcoming movie, “Noah,” over at our local hub for the Religion News Service, Toledo Faith & Values. In it I look at early evangelical criticism of the film—which won’t release until 2014—and what it will take for Noah to be an epic movie. I’m not one to

3 for Thursday: 3 Religion Surveys You Should Know About

I’m a sucker for a new religion survey, especially when the world of religion appears to be changing fast and data is turned around at the drop of the hat. In the last few weeks, a few important surveys have been released that are shedding important light on the world of religion, especially in

3 for Thursday: 3 Videos That Help Demystify Evolution

Ever hear someone say that they reject evolution because they’ve never seen a half-man, half-ape person? Or have you heard someone say that evolution is just a theory, meaning it’s as good as a guess? I have. Both of these responses belie a need for an evolutionary primer. For this week’s 3 for Thursday,
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