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The Scopes Monkey Trial Revived at Bryan College

It's a story making its way around the internet at the moment, Bryan College of Dayton, Tennessee is returning to its fundamentalist roots and obligating professors to sign a creationist statement.

Answers in Geocentrism: The Movie

With the announcement that Bill Nye will be debating Answers in Genesis’s Ken Ham next month (February 4), reactions have been very strong. Those (Christian and the non-religious alike) who are not creationists appear to agree with the idea that it is a mistake that will only raise the street cred of AiG and

3 for Thursday: 3 Reactions to Bill Nye’s Creationism Comments

This last week, Bill Nye’s creationism comments for Big Think (see video above) drew some attention and criticism. Nye says that adults who want to live as creationists can do so, but it is “untenable” and “self-inconsistent” with everything we know about universe. The insistence upon creationism holds everybody back, he notes, and so he
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