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That Ghost Is All in Your Head

Ghosts at the movies will always produce box office millions, but in real life, they are merely the special effects of your brain. Here's why.

Reviews in the Wild: The Meaning of Human Existence

Human existence is a complicated one ranging from serving the poor and downtrodden to beheading enemies. But is there meaning it?

The Shocking Beauty of Animating Famous Art

Tagliafierro's short "Beauty" is the discovery that from youth to death, beauty is not always what is pleasing; beauty is also what is shocking and true.

The Rise of Neuroexistentialism

Last weekend I reviewed Patricia Churchland’s Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain, which explores the reality of the brain behind what we know as “the self.” There is a Copernican moment occurring in brain science that raises serious questions about the nature of who and what we are, creating an potential existential crisis

Book Review: Touching a Nerve

A pillar of most religious belief is the idea of the self as soul. There are always variations on this theme, but the immaterial side---especially in Western thought---is that which is the true you and that which makes spirituality possible. The self as soul has been assumed to be the case by theologians and

Book Review: The God Argument

In The God Argument, Grayling is generally respectful, yet firm and frank in his points---the latter of which may be confused by some with militancy. This volume is a good introduction to common objections persons of faith need to consider and it provides a helpful glance into not only the non-stamp collecting life of

New England Primer: Teaching the ABCs Grim Reaper Style

How did you learn the alphabet? Did it involve a picture book which taught you that “D stands for dog” and “B stands for bear,” each punctuated by cute images of animals? That’s how a normal person might do it, but the Puritans preferred scaring their children into literacy.

Book Review: Mortality

Mortality by Christopher Hitchens Twelve, 2012 128 Pages (Kindle) Available Amazon Powell’s Many people I know consume deathbed conversion narratives like they’re crack, but Mortality—the posthumous collection of essays by Christopher Hitchens written during his fight with cancer—is proof that there are atheists in foxholes.
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