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Where Creationism Goes Wrong

If you’re not a creationist, the temptation might be to finish the title of this post with “on everything.” So go ahead. Say it aloud and you’ll probably feel better. In my recent article, “‘There is a book,’ but Ken Ham has no idea how to read it,” at Toledo Faith & Values (our

Virgin Births in America

It’s Christmas time, which means the gift of new surveys and studies on American  beliefs. This last week, Pew Research, Religion and Public Life Project released some new data related to religious beliefs surrounding the holiday. According to Pew: Nine-in-ten Americans say they celebrate Christmas, and three-quarters say they believe in the virgin birth

Book Review: Herakles

My first experience with Herakles or Hercules was as a boy in Sunday school reading about the biblical figure, Samson. (I was too young to understand that he was a philandering, arrogant, killing-machine.) He and Herakles have often been compared, as both kill lions with their hands and find their downfalls due to a

Well, Happy Robot Devil’s Birthday To You Too

It’s that time of the year where adults dress up in costumes they’d never want to be seen in at any other time of the year. To celebrate, Brandon Ambrosino interviewed me at The Huffington Post about Halloween and the article just went up (“Satan’s Birthday: A Brief Discussion on Halloween and Christianity”). We

A Jewish Perspective on the New Testament

The New Testament is constantly being re-interpreted from a variety of perspectives. From feminists, to socialists, to traditionalists; there's even a version as seen through the prism of Star Wars...

Micro-Review: Inspiration and Incarnation (gets a website)

If the Bible is a divine book, why does it look so human? Inspiration and Incarnation, the controversial book that dared to ask and answer that question, now has a website. And while the book was written in 2005, its author, Peter Enns, continues to draw new detractors.

The Cosmic Waters: The Annual Ritz Lectures (2010)

In October, I delivered a lecture at the annual Ritz Lectures at Winebrenner Theological Seminary.  The text for that lecture, “The Cosmic Waters: An Historian’s Perspective of Christian Ecumenical Discussions,” appears at my author blog ( As Bertram Cooper says to Don Draper on the AMC show Mad Men, “You’re going to need a

Book Review: The Rise of Christian Beliefs

The Rise of Christian Beliefs: The Thought World of Early Christians by Heikki Räisänen Fortress, 2010 432 pages (paperback) Available When I’m teaching a class on ancient Christianity, I spend a significant amount of time covering the culture and context out of which Christian beliefs developed.  What did the Greeks contribute to the
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