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What the Bible Looks Like When Compared to Fantasy Fiction

While comparing the Bible to fantasy fiction is not likely to settle well with about 28 percent of Americans, I did exactly that for On Faith this week.

Consider No Evil: Academic Freedom and Religious Higher Education

If you've wondered why theology plays such a prominent role in guiding and policing Christian higher education, then check out my new book, "Consider No Evil."

Will “Exodus: Gods and Kings” Sanitize Moses?

Evangelicals often want biblical movies that closely follow the text, but if "Exodus: Gods and Kings" does that, then this movie becomes unfit for families.

3 for Thursday: 3 Religion Surveys on Bigotry, the Bible, and Born-Again Cheaters

There seems to be no shortages of religion surveys, studies, and polls lately. For this week's 3 for Thursday, we look at a few numbers that might leave you dazed and confused, ranging from issues of bigotry to which religious group is most-likely to have affair.

Ascension Thursday is a Reminder that the Bible is Not A Science Text

For many Christians, today is Ascension Thursday, which marks the day Christ ascended into the heavens. For many, it is also a reminder that the Bible isn't a science text.

Where Creationism Goes Wrong

If you’re not a creationist, the temptation might be to finish the title of this post with “on everything.” So go ahead. Say it aloud and you’ll probably feel better. In my recent article, “‘There is a book,’ but Ken Ham has no idea how to read it,” at Toledo Faith & Values (our

Virgin Births in America

It’s Christmas time, which means the gift of new surveys and studies on American  beliefs. This last week, Pew Research, Religion and Public Life Project released some new data related to religious beliefs surrounding the holiday. According to Pew: Nine-in-ten Americans say they celebrate Christmas, and three-quarters say they believe in the virgin birth

Book Review: Herakles

My first experience with Herakles or Hercules was as a boy in Sunday school reading about the biblical figure, Samson. (I was too young to understand that he was a philandering, arrogant, killing-machine.) He and Herakles have often been compared, as both kill lions with their hands and find their downfalls due to a
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