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The Shocking Beauty of Animating Famous Art

Tagliafierro's short "Beauty" is the discovery that from youth to death, beauty is not always what is pleasing; beauty is also what is shocking and true.

Can Aronofsky’s “Noah” Be Epic?

This week I have a piece on Aronofsky’s upcoming movie, “Noah,” over at our local hub for the Religion News Service, Toledo Faith & Values. In it I look at early evangelical criticism of the film—which won’t release until 2014—and what it will take for Noah to be an epic movie. I’m not one to

3 for Thursday: 3 Examples of the Power of Misperception

Misperception is a powerful force. It drives our daily lives in ways we are often unaware, and it may take many forms. Biases can get in the way of solid conclusions about the world. This is why it is important for scientific studies to be verifiable and falsifiable, and why peer review is always

Book Review: The Last Nude

The Last Nude by Ellis Avery Penguin, 2012 320 pages (hardcover) Available Amazon Powell’s IndieBound Paris in the Jazz Age. A backdrop to art, literature, fashion, music, sparkling cocktails, catty society, public sexuality, political intrigue, and parties so lavish that the famous guests compete to be the entertainment. Rafaela Fano, American and seventeen, arrives

Book Review: An Object of Beauty

Steve Martin’s An Object of Beauty might be the nicest literary surprise I’ve received so far this year. It turns out that Martin is a genuine intellectual who’s just been masquerading as an zany entertainer all these years.

Iconia: Have artists condemned the “wayward wife” to oblivion? Richard McBee’s new Sotah series

Menachem Wecker’s blog (Iconia) at the Houston Chronicle has an interesting article on art in relation to Numbers 5 (the “wayward wife” passage). At the risk of being crude, the narrative in Numbers 5 of the Sotah, the so-called “wayward wife,” ought to be a goldmine for biblical painters….Why have Jewish artists entirely neglected
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