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3 for Thursday: 3 Takeaways from the AP-GfK Poll on Science in America

The new AP-GfK poll released this week is very insightful on the influence of scientific fact in America. The poll rates the confidence individuals have in certain statements about science and medicine and the results are not exactly what scientists hoped for, though it could be worse. Here are three telling excerpts.

Shakespeare Turns 450: Read His Adaptation of Star Wars

Though he never looks a day over 250, Shakespeare turned 450 today. No one really knows his birthday, but April 23 is the day usually honored. Mindy and I remember the Bard by naming the alley cats after characters in Hamlet.

Quoted: Albert Einstein on The Universe And Humanity

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." ~ Albert Einstein

Earth Day: Two Books on Climate Change

It's Earth Day! If you're looking for fascinating reading to go along with it, check out these two reviews here at The Discarded image.

How to Cure that Nasty Cognitive Dissonance Problem

Cognitive dissonance is that uneasy realization that the world you want and the world you have are two different things. Many people (I include myself in this) find a solution in dissonance reduction, that is, rather than merely accepting the new reality, they look for another way to keep as much of the old

3 for Thursday: 3 Practical Reasons to Support Public Libraries

It's National Library Week and we'd like to remind you that there are many reasons to support your local library. We've got three important and practical ones right here in one of our favorite archived posts at The Discarded Image ("3 Practical Reasons to Support Public Libraries"). Check it out.

Quoted: Eudora Welty on Reader Response

“Reader and writer...Don’t we want and don’t we understand the same thing? A story of beauty and passion, some fresh approximation of human truth?” ~ Eudora Welty, On Writing

Why A Good Future Isn’t A Sure Thing: A Review of The Sixth Extinction

The Sixth Extinction explores the tragedy of past extinctions and the reality of currently endangered species by engaging science through the approachability of story and well-placed gravity. Kolbert---winner of the National Magazine Award and a science writer for The New Yorker---is articulate and engaging, which made this book difficult to put down.
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