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Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer Discussion at HuffPost

Last year, I wrote a piece for The Huffington Post on blasphemy laws called, “Why Blasphemy Laws Are Not About Religion.” The piece was written when the Benghazi tragedy occurred and before more information came to light. In it, I mention the use of blasphemy laws to restrict freedom of speech and to shore up

Why Do Some Theologians Blame The Victim?

As if the Sandy Hook shooting wasn’t tragic enough, many of the responses from religious leaders represented the worst in humanity. As a result, I wrote (somewhat therapeutically) “Why Do Some Theologians Blame The Victim?” for The Huffington Post religion section. There is not much I need to say to lead into this except that I hope

Why Blasphemy Laws Are Not About Religion

My newest piece, “Why Blasphemy Laws Are Not About Religion,” is up at The Huffington Post. In it I look at what I consider the real reasons behind blasphemy laws: to preserve power. After the online film “Innocence of Muslims” mocked the Prophet Muhammad and led to violent and deadly protests internationally at U.S.

In praise of the underdogs

I’ve long had a love for underdogs. I suppose it has something to do with being raised on Rocky movies and westerns, but I love the story of the person who accomplishes the unexpected and improbable. Anyone that turns the tables on the overly-entitled or powerful by fulfilling a legacy they chose for themselves

How Google’s Artificial Intelligence Killed Plato

My newest post, “How Google’s Artificial Intelligence Killed Plato,” is up at The Huffington Post technology section. In this I look at one possible outcome of Google’s new leap in AI for philosophy and religion. And in all honesty, I’m just geeking out.

C. S. Lewis on Discarding Old Ideas for New Ones

My newest, “C. S. Lewis on Discarding Old Ideas for New Ones,” is up at The Huffington Post. In case you ever wanted to know more about the title and theme of this blog, this article will explain it.

Gallup Poll: Forty-six percent of Americans are creationists

Forty-six percent of Americans are creationists. Just thought I should rip that Band-Aid off right now, particularly since I know that for many, this is a big disappointment. For thirty years we’ve seen the end of tape and the rise of digital. We’ve watched the end of the Space Shuttle fleet and the rise

Opinion: Jesus in orbit?

Does Jesus wave to the International Space Station at his return? Is the horse he’s riding on a funky, but cool space-horse? Last fall I gave a lecture before the student body on the historical contexts behind ancient Christian ideas of the end of the world. My point at that time was that many
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