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Challenging the Violent Bible

My first article at On Faith ("Let There Be Violence?") is up. The piece looks at responses to violence in the Bible. Any cursory reading of the Old Testament, for example, turns up several troubling stories, which I mention in the article. There are, of course, several responses to these stories, but in this

Why Religion Eventually Leads to Secularity: A Review of Big Gods

"Secular societies climbed the ladder of religion, and then kicked it away," says Ara Norenzayan in Big Gods: How Religion Transformed Cooperation and Conflict. Security breeds secularity. "There are indications that some societies with strong institutions and material well-being may have passed a threshold, no longer needing religion to sustain large-scale cooperation."

Quoted: Upton Sinclair on Willful Ignorance

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” ~ Upton Sinclair.

The Rise of Neuroexistentialism

Last weekend I reviewed Patricia Churchland’s Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain, which explores the reality of the brain behind what we know as “the self.” There is a Copernican moment occurring in brain science that raises serious questions about the nature of who and what we are, creating an potential existential crisis

Book Review: Touching a Nerve

A pillar of most religious belief is the idea of the self as soul. There are always variations on this theme, but the immaterial side---especially in Western thought---is that which is the true you and that which makes spirituality possible. The self as soul has been assumed to be the case by theologians and

Book Review: The God Argument

In The God Argument, Grayling is generally respectful, yet firm and frank in his points---the latter of which may be confused by some with militancy. This volume is a good introduction to common objections persons of faith need to consider and it provides a helpful glance into not only the non-stamp collecting life of

3 for Thursday: 3 Religion Surveys You Should Know About

I’m a sucker for a new religion survey, especially when the world of religion appears to be changing fast and data is turned around at the drop of the hat. In the last few weeks, a few important surveys have been released that are shedding important light on the world of religion, especially in

The Nones in the Religious Studies Classroom

This last week, my newest post “Students of Religion Are Not Necessarily Religious,” went up at Toledo Faith and Values (our local hub of the Religion News Service). According to a new study, religion among college students is divided three ways, and the “nones” (unaffiliated) are dominating the demographic.
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