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Will “Exodus: Gods and Kings” Sanitize Moses?

Evangelicals often want biblical movies that closely follow the text, but if "Exodus: Gods and Kings" does that, then this movie becomes unfit for families.

The Shocking Beauty of Animating Famous Art

Tagliafierro's short "Beauty" is the discovery that from youth to death, beauty is not always what is pleasing; beauty is also what is shocking and true.

Answers in Geocentrism: The Movie

With the announcement that Bill Nye will be debating Answers in Genesis’s Ken Ham next month (February 4), reactions have been very strong. Those (Christian and the non-religious alike) who are not creationists appear to agree with the idea that it is a mistake that will only raise the street cred of AiG and

Can Aronofsky’s “Noah” Be Epic?

This week I have a piece on Aronofsky’s upcoming movie, “Noah,” over at our local hub for the Religion News Service, Toledo Faith & Values. In it I look at early evangelical criticism of the film—which won’t release until 2014—and what it will take for Noah to be an epic movie. I’m not one to

3 for Thursday: 3 Short Films that Capture Despair, Heroism, and Wonder

Two hours of special effects and story telling (or lack thereof) in most of the Marvel movies could never compete with the depth of many short films. (Then again, we don’t watch Marvel movies for that reason anyway.) Below are three short films that capture the complexity of human emotion in the face of

Kumaré: Exposing the Human Drive to Believe

While it’s been on my to-see list, I just recently found time to watch Kumaré: The True Story of a False Prophet (released in June 2012 in the U.S.). Its 84 minutes are a fascinating study of human nature, especially in terms of our desire to find a higher power or force that guides

Movie Review: Another Earth (2011)

Another Earth is a beautiful movie that asks the viewer to take a leap into a universe that may not be plausible, but where the individuals are very real.
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