Look for It: The Lola Quartet

The Lola Quartet by Emily St John MandelEmily St. John Mandel’s novels quickly have become a favorite of indie booksellers and their fans. The reasons are simple: great writing, strong support from the publisher, and a genuinely lovely author.

Her first novel, Last Night in Montreal, revolves around a girl who wishes to “remain vanishing.” It was followed soon after by a second novel, The Singer’s Gun, about a reformed crook whose attempts at honest living are far more complicated than even he knows. And now, Unbridled Books is set to release next month a third novel, The Lola Quartet, about a disgraced journalist and a family on the run. You can read an excerpt on the publisher’s website.

Mandel’s novels appeal to me because of their gritty, complex characters. Ends are loose, lives are messy, but people change because of their encounters with one another. The people and plots are decidedly modern, but the big questions Mandel asks reflect the classics. And her prose is a joy to read.

See my reviews of Last Night in Montreal and The Singer’s Gun for more about this talented writer, and watch for The Lola Quartet at your local bookstore in May.

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