3 for Thursday: 3 bloggers for curious minds

RSS Feed IconWhen it comes to bloggers for curious minds, there are three that I always enjoy reading and who are consistently enlightening. Why fill your mornings with the “quote of the day” or “what I ate for lunch” variety of blogging? Instead, give these three bloggers a look and you’ll always have interesting things to post on Facebook.

The Loom
Among science bloggers, Carl Zimmer‘s The Loom is an award-winning and oft-referenced source online at Discover Magazine. Zimmer is a science essayist whose contributions are often found in The New York Times and the author of twelve books, including his history of neuroscience, Soul Made Flesh. Reading Zimmer will make you smarter. I have no quantifiable evidence for it, but trust me. He can also be found on Google+.

Brain Pickings
Maria Popova describes herself as “a cultural curator and curious mind at large,” and her blog Brain Pickings is evidence of it. Well read, intellectually stimulating, and capable of finding the insightful points in a large cross-section of interests, Brain Pickings is your source for defeating boredom. Popova’s contributions can be found in Wired UK and The Atlantic and she’s active on Google+.

Carin Bondar, a biologist and film-maker, can be found at PsiVid, her blog at Scientific American, as well as her own site, carinbondar.com. Her interests are in the area of evolution and sexual behavior. She calls herself a “biologist with a twist” and her blogs should be added to your reading. Where else are you going to read about transvestites in the animal kingdom? She’s also active on Google+.

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