3 for Thursday: 3 Ways Einstein is Practical

VideoLast year, when scientists believed they may have found faster than light neutrinos, everyone wondered if the foundation of physics was about to be upturned. Were we going to have to re-write the user’s manual for the universe? Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus were ablaze with likes, shares, re-tweets of hastily released news articles that declared Einstein was wrong. Of course, none of the research had been tested until recently, and now—after peer-review and re-testing, which is science doing what it should do—Einstein has been shown to right, yet again. Neutrinos have to obey the speed limit of the universe after all.

Without a doubt, many people who shared the original story really knew little about Einstein. In many cases, many people who think of Einstein probably consider his work inaccessible and irrelevant to daily life.

Today, I’d like to prove that theory wrong. Below are three brief videos that demonstrate that Einstein is practical for daily life.

1) Without Einstein, you’d be lost (literally)
In this first video, Minute Physics tells us about the physics behind GPS and hint, you should be thanking Einstein for figuring out the directions to the local Trader Joe’s.

2) Einstein makes it easier to pick up girls
In this video, Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of Stephen Hawking and shows how to use Einstein’s theory of relativity to pick up a girl. If you’re the kind of person who thinks “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” is a good pick-up line, then give this one a shot.

3) Einstein is helpful with sarcasm
And lastly, but probably the most-useful, Einstein’s name can be used ironically to tell someone they’re an idiot.



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