The Unrelenting Power of Bias

See Hear No EvilNever underestimate the power of bias. My newest article, “Forgive us our biases, as we forgive,” for Toledo Faith and Values (the local news hub for the Religion News Service) shows just how pervasive bias is in our decision making. In this piece for their culture and science section, I look at three scientific studies on bias and what they tell me about religion and politics.

The three studies involved look at biases based on appearance, bias from misinformation, and the bias of hindsight. It amazes me that we humans can change our minds at all. And during an election season, when bias is about all that can be found, the feeling of despair can be unrelenting. But somehow, as biased as we can be, many of us learn and change. It may take time, but it is possible to discard those biases for something better.

Coffee shops are deceiving.

As I sit here at The Flying Joe, my regular hangout in Perrysburg, enjoying my mocha and calmly listening to music, I’m relaxed and dreaming of a world in which we are all rational beings capable of sane conversation.

But what the coffee shop giveth, Facebook taketh away. With nearly every status update scrolling across my screen, I’m reminded that humans are emotionally-biased beings–especially in an election year….

Why is bias so strong? Three recent studies demonstrate the power and pervasiveness of bias in our lives before, during, and after we’ve made our decisions….

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