3 for Thursday: 3 Reports on Why Graphene Will Save the Future

GrapheneOK, so maybe the title of this post is a little over the top and graphene won’t “save the future.” Before you dismiss this too quickly, however, see the three reports below.

Prior to 2004, this conversation would not be what it is today. When scientists isolated the atom-thick, 2D graphene planes—eventually winning the Nobel Prize in 2010 for accomplishing what many had tried to do for over a century—they opened the door for a world of inventions, from cheaper, more efficient forms of desalination, to super supercapacitors, to super-strong phones as thin as paper, to ultra-thin solar panels. Graphene could be the next supermaterial that will leave us wondering how we lived without it.
1) Overview of Graphene’s potential from ChemMatters

2) The amazing, compostable supercapacitor that could charge your smart phone in seconds

3) Desalination is now potentially 100 times more efficient
A story at Marketplace Tech explains how Lockheed Martin created a reverse osmosis process with graphene that makes desalination 100 times more efficient. Given the amount of salt water there is in the world, that’s an amazing possibility. Listen below.

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