3 for Thursday: 3 Takes on Emily Dickinson

220px-Emily_Dickinson_daguerreotypeA few years ago we took what my wife and I called our “Literary Road Trip,” and ventured into the homes of a lot of famous New Englanders, like Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe. (That’s a two-for, by the way, since their homes are next door to each other.) Emily Dickinson’s home was also one of our prized points on that trip.

I’m fascinated by her dashes, turn of phrase, and the paradoxical way she engages the idea of faith. I wrote about her on that subject last year for Toledo Faith and Values, our local hub of the Religion News Service (“Crises of Faith by the Numbers [and Dashes]”). So this week’s three for Thursday is dedicated to her. Below are three videos presenting different perspectives on Emily Dickinson and her work. Enjoy.

1) E.D. on God, sleep, and paradox.

2) E.D. poems as PSAs by Wellesley College’s “Dead Serious” comedy improv troupe.

3) Billy Collin’s takes E.D.’s clothes off only as he can do it.

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