3 for Thursday: 3 Videos on the Future of the Electric Car

Tesla-model-s-2The electric car has the potential to replace traditional, fossil-fuel based transportation, but it has yet to out-perform them in sales. Like so many new technologies, the future of their success relies heavily on those who are willing to take the risk in producing and buying in the early stages of development. You have to believe in the product to invest in what is initially an experiment in what works and what does not. The hope is that the investment pays off, arriving at a future where cleaner vehicles rule the road. I think that day will come when gas-powered vehicles will look like the stone age. But we aren’t there yet.

Below are three videos that explore the thinking behind the advances of the electric car, including an interview with Elon Musk, the man behind the beautiful Tesla Model S.

1) THNKR: The Time for the electric car is now.
THNKR’s videos are often fascinating. This one is a short take on the importance for making the electric car successful now and the potential benefit of the electric car for the future.

2) TED Talks: Elon Musk on the Tesla Models
In this video, Elon Musk—the genius behind SpaceX and the experiment of SolarCity—talks about his ventures, including the futuristic looking Tesla. He discusses his method for approaching innovation.

3) The Verge: The Tesla Model S in the Real World
Many electric cars use a combination of gas and battery to tackle the road and recharge. The Tesla is an attempt to re-imagine the electric car and with each generation of it, it gets better. The video below from The Verge is a road trip with the Tesla, and it takes the vehicle as far as it can go on a single charge.

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