Nothing Kills Blogging Like Writing a Book

Website-Banner-Frames-Image-610x280It doesn’t take more than a quick look at the dates on our posts to notice a large gap—perhaps the largest yet. For the last month and a half, I’ve only had time for teaching and one writing project—a book. The need for doing things like sleeping and eating—occasionally even showering and shaving—left me virtually no time to blog.

But what about Mindy (my co-author at The Discarded Image) you ask? Well, she’s also my first reader for almost all my projects. I tend to turn writing into a project vortex that not only consumes all my time, but also hers. Thankfully, she hasn’t divorced me….yet.

I’ve written several books in the last ten years, mostly in the history of Christianity, but this project was different. While it was still in religion, my co-author (Menachem Wecker) and I took on the idea of academic freedom within religious higher education. The tentative title, Consider No Evil: Two Faith Traditions and the Problem of Academic Freedom in Religious Higher Education, looks at the restrictions religious faith imposes on professors and students in theology, science, or fields that could affect religion. It focuses on our very specific educational trajectories within Christian and Jewish worlds and even has a memoir element to it. Our publisher (Cascade Books) hasn’t given us a targeted release yet, but when I know I’ll be blogging about it.

There are also three things I’ve learned from running a blog like this while writing a book:

First, the tyranny of an unattended inbox is very real. I have a lot of emails to get back to. I promise, I’ll write back so as long as your emails are to be found.

Second, if your Twitter feed is going to break down and require a new WordPress plugin, it will happen when you have no time to fix it. I did get it fixed, though only after the manuscript was turned in my editors.

Lastly, I may think that I can still blog and finish a book on a very tight on deadline, but I can’t. I definitely need to start getting posts in the pipeline ahead of time.

I plan to be back on track this week and have some new book reviews lined up. I do have a chapter I’m writing for another book for Ashgate and that is due to the editor in September, but that is a far cry from writing a book.

In any case, for those of you who stuck with us, thanks. Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus and tell us about interesting books you’re reading. We’d love to hear from you.

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