Well, Happy Robot Devil’s Birthday To You Too

Robot-DevilIt’s that time of the year where adults dress up in costumes they’d never want to be seen in at any other time of the year. To celebrate, Brandon Ambrosino interviewed me at The Huffington Post about Halloween and the article just went up (“Satan’s Birthday: A Brief Discussion on Halloween and Christianity”). We talked about its history, why many evangelicals get so uptight about the holiday, and, oh yeah, “the devil’s birthday.”

When you consider that most Americans surveyed still hold to very strong beliefs in the supernatural, it should be no surprise that Christians react as strongly to Halloween as they do. In 2007, for example, a Gallup Poll showed that 70 percent of Americans believed in the Devil. A more recent YouGov poll has that number at around 6 in 10 Americans who believe in the Devil, with 51 percent believing in demonic possession and 45 percent in the power of exorcism.

In some traditions the belief in a real Satan and literal spiritual world that battles against the heavenly is very much alive. There are mainliners, for example, who would find the conservative and fundamentalist views of Halloween and fixation on Satan to be almost primitively ancient, but I also know of Christians for whom these things are real threats. Read the entire thing at The Huffington Post. 

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