3 for Thursday: 3 Examples of Your Brain Tricking You

Jesus-ToastWe rely on our brains, so the idea of your brain tricking you might be disheartening, but it’s a reality. The brain gathers information and fills in the gaps. Sometimes we see things that we think are there and make judgments about the world based on that observation, but sometimes it’s all in our heads.

Here are three examples of your brain filling in the gaps with some incredible optical illusions. Check them out. Even when you know the illusion is there, you may still not be able to resist seeing it.

1) Where’s the Octopus?

The first illusion requires two parties to work. The following video is an astonishing example of how adept an octopus can be at camouflage. Marine biologists are not entirely settled on how they can pull off the deception so well, since the creature is believed to be color blind. Camouflage, the narrator says, “just means fooling whatever’s looking at you.” “We’re behind the 8-ball,” adds the scientist, “if we think the world looks the way we see it.” Implied is that along with the act of camouflage is our participation in the deception. There is just enough there for us to see what we’re expecting. Re-watch the camouflage even after you know what’s there and you’ll still have to readjust your eyes to see the octopus.

2) The Floating Cube

Some illusions are hard to overcome even after you’ve seen how the trick is done. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

3) The Munker-White Illusion

Colors and shades are not always what they appear to be; sometimes your brain is just filling in the gaps with what it knows about the world.

When you think you’ve seen a UFO or Jesus appears on your toast, just remember that your brain can trick you. And also that this can be kinda cool—as long as you know it’s happening.


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