Can Aronofsky’s “Noah” Be Epic?

Aronofsky-Full-PosterThis week I have a piece on Aronofsky’s upcoming movie, “Noah,” over at our local hub for the Religion News Service, Toledo Faith & Values. In it I look at early evangelical criticism of the film—which won’t release until 2014—and what it will take for Noah to be an epic movie. I’m not one to watch a Roma Downey mini-series on The History Channel, but I might see Noah, especially if it is allowed to fit Aronofsky’s vision.

“Noah, which features big names like Russell Crowe (Noah), Jennifer Connelly (Noah’s wife), Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins (Methuselah), can be more than a “Waterworld“ prequel; it can be better than a Bible tract on the big screen; it could even be epic. Epic films explore the nature of humanity on a impressive scale. They center on a hero whose ambitious journey follows an exotic landscape. Like “The Lord of the Rings,” it may include incredible creatures, extravagant costume, and fantastic scores. Noah can be like this, but first Aronofsky needs to commit a few evangelical sins.” Read the full article at Toledo Faith and Values…

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