3 for Thursday: 3 MinutePhysics Episodes on the Big Bang

BICEP2 and telescope at South Pole. IMG: Steffen Richter, BICEP; National Science Foundation

BICEP2/telescope at South Pole. Image: Steffen Richter, BICEP National Science Foundation

Remember that recent discovery of the primordial B-mode polarization in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) by BICEP2 a couple weeks back? Remember how it helped to verify both Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the inflationary model of the universe’s expansion after the Big Bang? No? Maybe? Isn’t the Big Bang Theory a TV show?

Maybe the three videos below can help with the details and ease some of the confusion. The following MinutePhysics episodes provide (as they do best with all things science) animated explanations of the Big Bang. They only take a few short minutes of your time, but it’s worth it if you’ve ever wondered what scientists mean by the Big Bang. And bonus: the third video explains what that discovery mentioned above was all about.

1) What is the Big Bang?

2) Where was the Big Bang?

3) Now what about that new discovery?

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