3 for Thursday: 3 Powerful Tweets from #YESALLWOMEN

Woman-Silenced-by-ManIf you’ve been on Twitter, then it was hard to miss #yesallwomen. The hashtag began trending following Elliot Rodger’s misogynist shooting rampage and it opens a window into the many forms misogyny takes in society.

Unfortunately, I’ve known a lot of misogynists over the years. Most of those I know use theology to push or shame women into submission. Religion becomes a resource, whether acknowledged or not, for these men to infantilize their spouses, keep their wives pregnant, and collect children like they do books. This is the TLC cutsiefied Duggar family whose dangerous views of women follow the theology of Bill Gothard (who they promote) and Vision Forum (two now defunct and scandalized ministries). It also manifests itself in the rhetoric of theologians like Owen Strachan, whose complementarianism is just strong-armed, God-approved patriarchy. Recently, it was aptly dubbed “bro-formed theology.”

Rodger resorted to murder to silence women. Patriarchy uses divine judgment. Hatred of women is at the heart of both.

In response, women took to Twitter this week to speak out against entitled sexist males who rape, abuse, and belittle (among many other things). The tweets are valuable because they elucidate the many arenas of life where women are given their identities by violent and patronizing men.

With over a million tweets, I don’t think it is possible to highlight the top three. I will simply share three that stood out to me. If you’d like to see more, see Twitter. In any case, I hope these voices are heard.



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