Short Science: The Evidence for Evolution in 11 Minutes

The following video on the evidence for evolution is making its rounds online. I originally saw it at io9 and then was reminded of it when James McGrath put it up. It’s a great 11 minute video that shows how multiple, independent lines of evidence point to evolution, using cetaceans as an example.

First, I love the video and I think it is very clear, though intended to be very introductory and limited in scope. It opts for communication instead of overloading information.

Secondly, while I think this might (maybe?) help tip the scales for the person on the edge of accepting evolution, I don’t think it will ever convince a hardcore creationist. The creationist will see similarities between creatures as a sort of signature of God. An artist is identifiable by his or her signature, that is, the characteristics that of their work that indicate who did it, and that is (in part) how a creationist is likely to approach homology.

While I don’t think this is a valid argument, it is just one of many that keep videos like this from convincing the creationist. I think that is worth keeping in mind before rushing off to post it on Facebook and tagging your creationist friends.

Still, I really like the video and in terms of science education, it is helpful and worth the watch. Kids can pick up a lot from it.

Evidence for Evolution

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