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3 for Thursday: 3 Poetry Readings by Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Stewart & John O’Donohue

Richard Blanco has come suddenly to the forefront of American letters as a result of President Obama’s invitation to compose a verse for his second inauguration this week. I had to look up the poet, and was glad to find the full transcript of his long but melodious “One Today.” And in the serendipitous

3 for Thursday: 3 November Poems

November, the bringer of barren trees and wintry winds. For some reason the stark change of seasons in spring and fall tends to drive me back to poetry. So here are three poems that reflect the melancholic character of this penultimate month. November Night by Adelaide Crapsey This poem typifies Crapsey’s themes (influenced by

Book Review: Written on the Sky: Poems from the Japanese

Written on the Sky: Poems from the Japanese Translated by Kenneth Rexroth New Directions, 2009 90 pages (paperback) Available Amazon Powell’s What art form distills images more succinctly and sweeps them away more devastatingly than poetry? Japanese poetry, especially the haiku form, is especially renowned for capturing the essence of a moment in just
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