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Book Review: The Lighthouse Road

The Lighthouse Road by Peter Geye Unbridled, 2012 280 pages (Kindle) Available Amazon Powell’s Towering pines. Cresting swells. Ravenous men and wolves. Logging teams working the ice road and whiskey runners avoiding the shipping channel. This desperate wilderness becomes the backdrop to a biography of the immigrant experience in Peter Geye’s new novel, The

3 for Thursday: 3 Novels Set on the Sea

Eudora Welty, in her essay “What place has place in fiction?,” declares that setting is crucial because it is “the ground conductor of all the currents of emotions and belief and moral conviction that charge out from the story in its course.” Place sets the fictional character “to scale in his proper world to

Book Review: You Believers

"You Believers" is an intensely quiet thriller that dignifies the human spirit even as it reveals the darkest impulses and contradictions of the soul.
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